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Smack my Bitch Up!
Sat Oct 11, 2014, 9:37 PM
Happy Birthday :3!
Thu Feb 13, 2014, 11:03 AM
why you break it
Tue Feb 4, 2014, 4:19 PM
Scalies Nagas Snake Stuff <3
Sun Mar 24, 2013, 7:03 AM
forgot to shout this 3 days ago: Happy Birthday <3
Sat Feb 16, 2013, 9:16 AM
(Full version of journal found at… )


So, firstly, THANK YOU everyone for the birthday wishes!
I wish I had gotten back to you all sooner, but this has just been a bizarre week for me D:

In any case, it's been a bit of a doozy for me this past week, but let's start with the good things, shall we?

GIFTS: (at least, of stuff that's been uploaded ^^)

::HAPPEH BIRFDEH DOOM-SAN!!!!:: by Kanji-or-Koi Fan-Art Friday! Nagala! ::WIP:: by DotintheParadox Fan-Art Friday! (Sorta Sunday) Nagala! by DotintheParadox

I have to say. It's kind of an odd thing, but... On a day that has just treated you like garbage, it's an oddly "Faith in Humanity"-giving moment to have someone who you did a birthday gift for the previous year do something for you this year ^^  It's even more surprising to have a present just come out of nowhere, or even from someone who (due to timing issues) you COMPLETELY missed the birthday of, but still they did something for you! X3;
(other friends of mine have said they'd make something for me but either didn't or I haven't heard back from them on it, but... I'm not trying to guilt anyone really though, I know it's hard to find time for stuff (I mean, look at my own posting frequency, though in fairness I draw a LOT more than I actually post ^^; ) just... I dunno guys. "I understand" :< )

Beyond that, though:
It's been kind of a weird week.
- My crazy Alzheimers-y grandma kind of wrecked my birthday (kind of had a mental breakdown because of her), but it sort of got saved in the end.
- I got the house to myself the Saturday after, but on Sunday, everything went to hell with her so badly that I had to hide in music
- The aftermath of that involved my mom being so utterly shaken up by her that she called her brother (at my suggestion) to pick her up, because my mom was so beaten down that she was starting to have a breakdown herself. (like I already was kind of at the point of)
- My uncle picked her up, and we've been free of Grandma's stress-inducing, selfish, anger-fueled nuttiness for the first time since the New Year
- Oddly, a close friend of mine who has been stressing me out sort of decided to go silent since that day as well. Normally I'd question it, but as I am in such desperate need of healing from all my life's damages, I'm not questioning it for the time being.
- My main sources of stress are (theoretically) gone, but my body is having trouble leaving that "on edge"-y "fight or flight" stance like it thinks the next battle is still looming around the corner, so I can't really "relax" yet ^_^; But, the healing process is slow...

- I've some minor updates on the game dev blog stuff, but honestly I'm feeling kind of emotionally exhausted right now after writing the big journal so, I dunno. It has a shout-out to a few friends of mine.
Thanks to :iconnorgorim:, :iconcoffeeslice: and :iconzihilism: for everything they've done to help me thus far.
(also :iconthetokenshadow: for some ideas we discussed in notes back in I think September, though admittedly we haven't talked as much about game stuff since then)

I have a series of small "game dev blogs" I am putting together. Where should I post them? (more info at…

20 deviants said Post them as journals!
4 deviants said Post them as literature submissions!
4 deviants said No preference~
No deviants said Please don't ( : < ....T^T )



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Hey there, thanks for the fav! If you have a request, or would like to do a trade, please, feel free to drop me a note mate!
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Happy belated B-day. Hope it was fun.
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Happy B-day Doomy-chan :huggle:
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Happy Vaginal Eviction Day!~ 
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Happy Birthday.
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